Thursday, January 7, 2016

Forgive, Surrender and Accept

Sometimes I talk to people who are interested in meditating but don't feel like they can do it.  They say things like, "I just can't quiet my mind." or "I don't do it right." This quote speaks to that. It says forgive yourself for not being at peace and by forgiving, surrender to where you are. Accept where you are.

Forgiveness is like a hug you give yourself. And in forgiving, you tell yourself it's ok to let go, to surrender.  Surrendering creates space in your heart for new things and through acceptance, your heart opens. By forgiving, surrendering and accepting, you can open yourself to the peace in that moment.  In practice, after you surrender, the peace kind of flows in on it's own, like the ebb and flow of a wave.  You forgive pushing out to sea, letting go of any judgement, any frustrations, whatever and after letting that go, something comes back in waves. And if you really let go, the waves that come back are full of peace.  They don't splash you in the face, you aren't gulping for air. You are refreshed.

In this quote, I also hear, surrender to not knowing, surrender to fear, surrender to seeking validation from others. About how good you are, how sexy, how lovable.  And, accept where you are.  When you are trying to know, trying not to fear, looking to others for validation, you are reaching.   Reaching for something outside yourself while looking at what you aren't inside. Not letting go, creating space, opening. Forgiving ourselves of our short comings while accepting where we are creates new space for us to embrace the parts of ourselves we want to grow. The part of ourselves we want refreshed.

Try this: Surrender to a more open-hearted you today as a test, as an experiment.  You will likely fail in being open-hearted all day; you may make a short reply to someone without meaning to, you may find yourself being quick to anger, feeling disrespected in some way. Whatever creates the moment in which you find your heart closing, try to forgive yourself for finding yourself in that moment, surrender to not being perfect and accept where you are, no judgement.  And see what happens.  I imagine, if you do this all day, by the end of the day you will not only recognize more peace coming in and out of your heart, but you will grow your relationship with your heart and yourself more deeply.  And maybe, if you try again tomorrow, your capacity to be open-hearted might grow more.

It's in our hands, our hearts, to bring more peace into this world.  And like Ghandi said, it has to start inside first. If we all practiced having an open heart every day,  can you imagine what the world would be like in a month, a year, 50 years?  Open to the world through your heart; you will likely close it again many times. But keep opening it.  Keep forgiving, keep surrendering.  Keeping accepting.  And one by one we can build more space in this world for peace. And love.

Forgive yourself for not being at peace.  The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace is transmitted into peace.  Anything you accept fully, will get you there, will take you into peace.  This is the miracle of surrender.   Eckhart Tolle <3:

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