Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The eye of the storm

I've been marveling at this snow storm all day. I have my blinds wide open and as I work, meditate, cook, pass the day. And it's beautiful. How powerful something like the weather can be.

I grew up experiencing very powerful weather events. Storms or blizzards that shut down everything, like this one is doing now. And I feel more closely connected to the energy around me during it.

Storms that can do that have so much power. To stop society as we know it, that's big. Bigger than us, bigger than anything we know because all we can do is brace ourselves and basically hide. I am in a kind of awe, really. It reminds me that I am a part of something much, much greater. I don't have many answers to what that is, more questions. But I can feel that I am just a part of this whole thing - life existence, the universe.

Then I realize that, I can observe this storm in awe because I am warm. I am not in it. Watching it.

What about the homeless people in this area? Boston shut down an island where most people who received homeless services lived and were cared for earlier this Fall and so a large number of homeless people are without homes or services right now. I feel so sad, so hurt really. That there are likely people somewhere in this city not observing but surviving through this. Probably not even a mile away.

As this is happening, we know we have a ways to go in building a more compassionate society. And in recognizing that, it's actually to it - the energy of the storm, the power behind it, the unknown, the part of something so much greater - that I opened myself. Do my kind of prayer. Hope, light, strength and love.

My first cousin, Martha, died recently on the streets in Fairbanks. We were the same age. We had sleepovers. She told me things when we were young that I don't think I've told anyone. I send her spirit, my family at home and anyone anywhere struggling for warmth, for healing, for food, for life - I send them, from my very being my prayer. Hope, light, strength and love. In this, I am never helpless. And honestly giving these things feeds my soul. Soothes the pain.

I had no idea that was all going to come out. Woah.

Thanks for reading :-) I hope it made you feel safe enough to open your heart maybe a little more than it was before. Opening your heart truly is one of the greatest things we can experience as humans and I think, something that can heal the world.

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